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Rapid Results Pain Recovery

Are you tired of pain and dysfunction in the body after trying repetitive treatments, trying several Practitioners or a range of unsuccessful medical 'solutions'? 

Can't find immediate answers to resolve your Neck or Jaw complaint? ​

This is a common story.

At Headache & Tendon, we are different.

We are so confident & committed to resolving pain - we focus on significant

change in 3 treatments.

We specialise in difficult cases and focus on bringing rapid change by understanding the specific Biomechanical misalignments that are activating your pain receptors.

Our unique skills in advanced diagnosis & refined treatments -

we can deliver premium results, fast.

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We Get Answers

Our unique approach is available to patients looking for solution not only in our Brisbane City central clinic but now treating patients from Peregian Beach, Peregian Springs, Noosa and Coolum. 

With a combination of matching advanced Musculoskeletal techniques and prescribed solution based treatments, we specialise in resolving complex cases in less treatments for a pain free future. If you are a patient that hasnt found answers in Noosa, Peregian Springs or Coolum we are your new Muscle & Joint care clinic that can bring you rapid results.

More on Neck, TMJ protocols

We specialise in resolving complex

& difficult cases in less treatments

for a pain free future.

Get Faster


Our Unique Approach

Functionality Determines Results 




We expect a significant improvement in most TMJ cases in a short time frame. Correct functional alignment using a combination of advanced Biomechanical techniques - Neuromuscular, Sports Cranial Chiropractic, soft tissue release, Orthopaedic Laser can create significant improvements within the first three (3) treatments.

If there are any variables that may interfere with our expected rates of recovery we discuss these possible factors in the initial consultation.

Treatment Strategy

Treatment is delivered using a combination of techniques including: internal and external oral muscular release, joint mobilisation and manipulation of the TMJ and cervical spine, cranial suture(joint) manipulation and mobilisation. A continual assessment throughout our treatment protocol is undertaken to determine the strategy going forward. 

Trust our Experience

Neck and Jaw issues often require intricate palpatory skills and a meticulous skill level of adjusting joints to resolve the pain condition.

Over two decades of experience and senior level in Musculoskeletal consulting skill,  you can trust that you are in professional hands.


We are focused on understanding your condition at depth with meticulous care we analyse and determine the cause of your chronic condition delivering matching protocols for

successful results..

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