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Hormonal Headaches


Overcome Hormonal Headaches: Expert Treatment in Brisbane & Sunshine Coast

Dealing with hormonal headaches can be overwhelming, especially as it ranks among the top 5 most disabling conditions for women.


These headaches, often referred to as Menstrual Migraines, predominantly affect females during their menstrual cycle, causing intense pain that can last for up to three days.


At Headache & Tendon Clinics, Brisbane & Sunshine Coast, we specialise in treating hormonal headaches faster using cutting-edge techniques.


Our goal is to provide rapid relief, with 90% of our patients experiencing significant improvement within the first three treatment sessions.


Don't let hormonal headaches disrupt your life any longer. Trust our world-class experts to assess and treat your condition effectively. Schedule a consultation today and take the first step towards a pain-free future.

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