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Premium Treatments

We provide the very best treatments available to deliver rapid results. Correcting your full Biomechanical profile for optimal function. In 3 treatments we expect significant change.

We deliver the best that Sports Chiropractic can offer -

Joint alignment, Muscle, Ligament & Tendon recovery.

Injury, Chronic Pain, Headaches & Migraines, Concussion, Sinus & Nasal Breathing issues.

We may be the answer your body is looking for.

For unique clinical services unmatched as a senior Sports Chiropractor on the Sunshine Coast give us a call and let us sort out your pain & dysfunction issues.


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Dr John Gibson DC

Dr John Gibson focuses on pain elimination rather than pain management. The perspective at Headache & Tendon is that there is always a cause for your dysfunction that can be found - no guesswork or mystery illness - its our job to as quickly as possible, diagnose, finding the underlying cause and restore the body as thoroughly and correctly as possible for long lasting change - based on these findings.

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