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Headache & Tendon specialises in top level treatments for 

faster results and long term recovery.

This requires deep analysis, detailed diagnosis and full correctional alignment of Joints, Muscles, Tendons clearing internal systems & pathways.

BIOMECHANICAL MEDICINE: Neuromuscular, Intra-oral Temporomandibular, Sports Chiropractic, Cranial Osteopathy
NasalRX, OrthoTech Medical

Treating Unresolved
Pain & Congestion

Im Dr John Gibson, DC. Australian Board Certified Chiropractic Physician. After ​20 years of clinical experience & over 100,000 patient consults behind me, I have successfully treated the full spectrum of chronic & acute Musculoskeletal conditions.


My clinical observations have allowed me to find answers to the most difficult of patient conditions using applied techniques - Neuromuscular, Sports Chiropractic, Cranial Osteopathy, NasalRX, Orthotech.


I invite you to reach out to me if you cant find answers to your unresolved condition whether it be Sinus congestion, Migraine, Post Concussion, Sports Injury or general & severe unresolved pain.

We take a different clinical approach &

it may well be the answer you are searching for.

John Gibson Chiropractor Migraines Headaches concussion

At Headache & Tendon Clinic, we are dedicated to treating our patients with fastest most efficient road to full recovery.


We focus on understanding the absolute set of factors causing the Musculoskeletal condition, to then make an efficient treatment strategy for rapid improvements.

With the addition of NasalRX, a very powerful Endo-nasal inflation procedure, where internal bones of the skull including the Sphenoid are subtly realigned, this treatment system additionally

strengthens our already top level results.

Faster Results

At Headache & Tendon Clinic, we take a vastly more thorough approach when it comes to diagnosing accurately then matching the right treatments for the condition.


Pain & Symptom Free results

is our goal rather than treating for pain & symptom  'relief'.

One of our specialties is in applying meticulous analysis to find origins of dysfunction and based upon these findings, we apply more effective, more targeted techniques, that get

rapid recovery.

Pain & Symptom FREE results is our goal rather than treating for pain & symptom 'relief'

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