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Cervicogenic Headaches


Find Relief from Cervicogenic Headaches: Effective Treatment Options

Dealing with Cervicogenic headaches can be debilitating, but there's hope for relief.

Cervicogenic headaches, classified as secondary headache disorders that stem from issues outside the head itself, such as muscle dysfunction, joint problems, or nerve issues

in the neck.

Don't let Cervicogenic headaches hold you back any longer. Discover effective treatment options at Headache & Tendon Clinic, Brisbane & Sunshine Coast, and reclaim your life from chronic pain.


At Headache & Tendon Clinic,  Brisbane & Sunshine Coast, we specialise in treating Cervicogenic Headaches, targeting the root cause to alleviate pain and discomfort.

Our treatment approach has shown remarkable results, with 90% of patients experiencing significant improvement within just five consultations.

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