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Effective Protocols

Cluster Headaches

Headache cluster
Headache cluster

Conquer Cluster Headaches: Effective Treatment in Brisbane & Sunshine Coast

Are you struggling with cluster headaches?

You're not alone. While these headaches are rare, they're known for their excruciating pain, often described as the worst type of headache imaginable.


Cluster headaches affect about 1% of the population, with males being affected 5-6 times more often than females.


At our clinic, we understand the debilitating impact of cluster headaches and offer specialised treatments to provide resolution.


As Headache experts we have helped countless patients experience significant improvement, with 90% seeing results within just three consultations.


Our approach is unlike most clinics. We offer revolutionary Bio-mechanical treatments that specifically target the

cause and get results. We are only interested in seeing results quickly, so we use techniques that do

create impact within very few treatments. 

Say goodbye to the agony of cluster headaches and reclaim your life.

Book an appointment with Headache & Tendon today to start your journey to being pain free.

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