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How to treat Sinusitis effectively

Updated: Apr 16

Are you experiencing constant blocked nose, head pain, unable to breathe through your nose, facial pain - you might be suffering from Sinusitis?

These typical symptoms can be debilitating as Sinusitis is often is accompanied by a lack of sleep and chronic fatigue sets in.

Sinusitis refers to inflammation or infection of the sinus cavities, which are air-filled spaces located in the cheeks, forehead, and around the eyes. These cavities help lighten the skull, aid voice resonance, and moisturize the nasal lining by producing mucus, which protects against pollutants and microorganisms.

Typically we are told that the causes include allergies, colds, irritants like pollen, and infections however there are other factors in the Cranium that play an even bigger influence and will often be the solution when addressed. Cranial Osteopathy offers an effective noninvasive treatment for sinusitis, addressing congestion by facilitating drainage and providing release from symptoms like headaches and facial pain. Techniques may include sinus cavitiy alignment, soft tissue work of lymphatics along the jawline, and lymphatic drainage.

Nasal RX is a powerful revolutionary treatment that uses Endonasal Inflation for a microadjustment effect satraightening out imperfections internally. This has a dramatic effect of draining the sinuses and fixing the balance of drainage once again with slightly re-opening structures back to correct position. For effective treatment, consider consulting with knowledgeable practitioners at Headache & Tendon , Brisbane City and our Peregian office Sunshine Coast.

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