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Chronic Blocked Sinus? Breathing Issues?

Updated: Apr 16

For a fraction of the cost of surgery, Headache & Tendon uses NasalRX, a nasal specific inflation procedure, that works to stimulate and adjust the internal structure of the Cranium and Facial Bones, specifically for Sinusitis with micro-structural movements inside the nasal cavity.

NasalRX has proven to be a very successful procedure with no significant side effects.

healthy v unhealthy sinus

Discover this powerful treatment in Sunshine Coast clinic and available in our Brisbane clinic for sinus issues, congested breathing, blocked sinus with the NasalRX. This technique focuses on adjusting facial and cranial bones, including the crucial sphenoid bone at the skull's center. By employing controlled pressure using microballoons and a sphygmomanometer, it realigns cranial plates, promoting optimal blood flow and cerebrospinal fluid circulation.


Does it hurt? Most patients describe it as intense but not painful, with temporary eye watering.

Side effects? None reported; benefits include clearer sinuses and increased energy

Is it safe? Yes, it's a non-medical procedure with no incisions, practiced since the 1930s.

After effects? Improved breathing, light-headedness may occur briefly.

Duration of effects? Typically, 5-8 treatments over 2-3 weeks are needed, With a maintenance treatment every 2-3 months.

NasalRX offers relief for a range of issues, including headaches, sinus problems, snoring, and more. Experience potential relief and improved well-being with this proven technique.

anatomy of nasal cavity
Nasal passageway

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